Etude House BB Creams Review

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If, like me, you are a sucker for freebies, then you'd probably understand why even if you're bound to spend more, you just go ahead and pick up that other item you decided not to buy just to get that freebie. Yes, I know, this is bad, but Etude House has some pretty affordable "fillers" that could pile up to reach that minimum amount to get that freebie. Their masks, which I remember used to be around the Php 50 mark (but are not anymore), are pretty good extras to add to your cart.

My visit to Etude House wasn't that recent actually.  I went in for the toner, but of course, I had to look around. The freebie during my last purchase was a sample of 3 Etude House BB Creams: Cotton Fit, Blooming Fit, and Perfect Fit.  They have a lot of variants, but it seems these three are their best-sellers.  I didn't ask much about the difference of the three when I was in the store and the text on the box is mostly Korean, but by the names of of each, I had a feeling on how they'd turn out. The samples where just as tall as a MAC lipstick bullet.

L-R: Cool Fit, Perfect Fit, Blooming Fit
I think the three BB creams come in similar shades. The one I got was Light Beige N02. They all have SPF 30.  Etude House's BB cream collection seems overwhelming, but I think knowing what consistency would suit you would help if you're on the lookout for a BB cream.

Side by side, you'd see that Blooming Fit is the most watery / runny, while Cotton Fit is the most compact. Perfect Fit is somewhere in between; I guess that's why it's "Perfect". LOL. Upon swatching, you'll see that Blooming Fit is the most sheer.

The first one I tried was the Etude House Precious Minerals BB Cream Cotton Fit. I thought the shade was too light for me, but after a while it was just right. After trying the three, this one seems to be the hardest to blend, most likely since the consistency is thicker. Though, the finish is the most matte out of the three.

The next one I tried was the Etude House Precious Minerals BB Cream Perfect Fit. This was easier to blend and was less matte. It's an in-between of Cotton and Blooming. The photos don't reflect much though. In actual, you wouldn't notice much difference as well, especially upon application, but Cotton Fit stays put longer than Perfect and Blooming.

Finally, Etude House Precious Minerals BB Cream Blooming Fit. This one was the sheerest and easiest to apply. Though, it made me oily after a few hours. I think it's meant to be dewy, but on me it comes of oily. I could tell by using an oil blotting sheet.

The three BB creams didn't give me any acne or irritations. It's best applied with your fingers, in my opinion. But, I don't think I'll purchase the full size of these. I'm surprisingly happier with my Pond's BB Cream, considering Etude is known for their BB cream. Of course, there still might be the long-term benefit of using a Korean BB cream, but I don't think it makes that much difference since I like switching up my products anyway.

Have you tried any other BB cream that worked for you? Let me know what you've tried. :)

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