The Brow Series: Elf Eyebrow Kit & In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Color

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Hi there!  Just a quick life update: I just transferred to BGC (from Baguio City) to continue my studies here in Manila.  Thus, the slowness in posting.  I don't want to promise anything, even to myself, but this September will hopefully be a better month.

So, prior to this post, I wrote about two other brow products I use - the BCL Browlash EX and the MAC Brow Set in Beguile in this post.  This is the second of maybe three or four installments of the "brow series" I'm doing on the blog.  You can refer to the earlier post for a reference of the natural state of my brows.

This post features two quite comparable products compared to last post which had complementary products.  And yes, sorry for the very dirty, beat up cosmetics we have here.  I've had the products for a while now.  First up is the Elf Brow Kit (approx. Php 250).  I'm not entirely sure of the shade because I purchased this last year but did not really use it right away because I couldn't let go of my In2It Brow Kit.  But it has a sticker on the back that says #30123.  Second is the In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Color (approx. Php 299).  The website doesn't do much in my opinion, but there are a LOT of reviews on this product, which is what let me to the product.  Both products can be purchased in Watsons.

Its easier to compare these two side by side.  They both have similar packaging and they both have those small plastic brushes that no one uses.  The obvious difference though is the Elf one has a gel / wax product.  The brush included in the kit is double-ended for you to be able to apply the wax first then set with the powder.  The thing is, I'm not so comfortable applying the wax and then topping it with the powder, because, as I explained in my previous post, I would almost always use a brow set like MAC or Etude.  As for the powder, it was okay.  Its funny how the dark wax side applies sheer and lighter than how it looks like in the pan and the powder actually applies darker.

I prefer the powder of In2It better in terms of shade, consistency, and staying power.  The In2It, as you would see has three shades options that you could probably mix to form colors in between the colors available.  Also, the Elf is quite powdery while the In2It seems more intact.  This may contribute to their respective staying power and In2It's claim in being waterproof, which I actually believe is true.  Again, in my case, my brows are quite full but with some sparse patches, which is why using a light shade is not so hard for me.  But I do think that the In2It is a better over-all. :)

Once again, I hope you find this useful for the next time you go brow product shopping! :)

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  1. This is my HG eyebrow product! It has been in my draft for so long coz I really wanna test it. Now, I use this every single day ever since I bought it!

    Check out my blog post about it!



    1. Thanks for the comment Cheeney! :) Great post, super detailed!