The Brow Series: BCL Browlash EX & Mac Beguile

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One thing that I think I have a lot of products of are brow products, next to lip products.  I don't know why but after having had cellophane in my hair (the one with color, I'm not sure which color though), its been lighter than my actual hair color ever since as if I had my hair colored.  And I've been trying to match my brows as a result.  So, instead a quite lengthy post, I'm going to break it down and do it one by one and maybe summarize once I've shown everything.

This is the current state of my brows, untouched.  Basically, they're thick and dark, but quite unruly. 

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I usually go for the Elf Brow Set and the MAC brow set in Beguile.  Here, I used the BCL 24H Browlash Ex Water Strong W Eyebrow in Natural Brown, a double ended brow product with a liquid liner of some sort in one end and a pencil on the other.  In the photo, I did not use the liquid liner as the shade is quite light for me and I do have difficulty controlling it.  You can't blend it like the pencil once you've used it.  If I had lighter brows I think it would be just fine though in filling in sparse areas.  Sometimes though I'd go ahead with this side of the product and make the outlines precise.  

Some of you might be thinking, where did I get this product in the first place?  Well, I got it from Sasa during a trip to Hong Kong.  I'm sorry I don't remember how much this is but I'm sure its more than Php 500 but not more than Php 1,000.  How nice would it be if Sasa came to the Philippines!  

As for the pencil side, I really like it.  Its easy to blend and it even seems smaller / leaner than a kohl pencil.  Sometimes though, as for all pencils, I get irritated by the tugging you have to do.  I learned (probably from Youtube or a magazine or a blog) that you have to "draw" the brows in the way it would actually grow rather than drawing straight lines.  It actually takes more time for me rather than using a powder and a brush.  After using the pencil, I then do more blending in with a spooly.  

So, as you would see in the photo later, the natural brown shade does not do anything for my brows.  I simply use the pencil for "correcting" how the brow arches and how even it is.  After, I go in with the MAC brow set in Beguile.

L-R: Liquid part of the BCL Browlash, Pencil part of the BCL Browlash, & MAC Browset in Beguile
Now the MAC Brow set in Beguile (Php 1,000) is something I had opted to buy after using tubes of Etude House's Color My Brows.  The Etude House in terms of shade is perfectly fine, but I finish a tube so fast it just seems expensive.  So far, I haven't finished my MAC one and I've had it since April.

The brush is bigger than the Etude House one which makes it a little bit harder, but it isn't that bad.  When I get lazy I could easily use this product alone and skip out the pencil / powder.  I'd just rub it in more.  But usually, I'd just coat the hairs.  One difference though is that the MAC brow set, I think with their other shades too, has fine glitters in it when you look up close.  In terms of keeping the brows set and in place, it does it perfectly fine.  

I'm fine and happy with the shade.  Here are side by side photos to show you the effect.  In the photos below, I do have two different lipsticks on by the way. 

Once again, I hope you find this useful for the next time you go brow product shopping! :)

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