Skincare I'm Hoping Really Works

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If you visit SM's department store or Watsons every now and then, you must have seen some COSRX items and other Korean brands that seem to have no designated kiosk like the likes of other Korean brands like Etude House and Tony Moly. I guess this is SM's way of introducing these brands gradually to the market, which made me quite excited.

Since following Joan Kim on Youtube, I've been hearing a lot about the skincare brand COSRx. So, I got really excited when I saw some of their best-selling products randomly in SM Baguio's department store, of all places. I was thinking, maybe since Baguio is quite popular with Koreans, SM decided to stock there first, but when I went to Manila, I found that it's actually housed in a small shelf with other Korean brands and collective called as K-beauty.


I didn't get the prices of everything in that shelf, but when I was checking the COSRX products out, I found that they're actually cheaper than some online stores. I started seeing these products early in the year and they had a more expensive price point then, but still cheaper than online stores. But lately, I think they brought down the price and added a 10% discount for SM advantage / BDO rewards cardholders! I'm not sure till when, but maybe check until the 15th of April.

I was really after the COSRX pimple pads, which I remember was around Php 650, but they seem to be repriced to Php 465.50. And after the 10% discount, it's Php 418.95! It was pretty hard to find too. As of late, they're out of stock in the department stores of SM Aura, SM Makati, and SM Megamall and the Watsons in those branches. I happened to visit SM MOA recently and I found it in the department store there. There are only a few more tubs though.

Because I had difficulty finding the COSRX pimple pads, I bought the COSRX Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask instead. It's not really an alternative to pimple pads, but I didn't want to let opportunity pass (or I was just making an excuse to try something new). Though, you can actually get this and other Watsons / SM Store items online at Lazada and you'll see there that it was originally priced at Php 606, but it's re priced at Php 424.25 and less 10% also with the SM Advantage Card. It's Php 381.82.

Lastly, I picked up Scinic's Coconut Cleansing Water, which I think is just like your regular micellar cleansing waters, but it was only Php 412.25 for 500ml. And the bottle allows you to just push on the nozzle (?) without lifting the bottle, similar to Etude's Wondepore toner. After the 10% discount, it's Php 371.02! I wouldn't have gotten it without the discount because it was originally Php 589 and there's just so many micellar waters in the market already.

I think, overall the reduction was 30% and then less 10% for SM Advantage holders.


Well, as the blog title suggests, I really hope this stuff works, cause they're quite affordable. This year, I really want my skin to improve. I'm approaching my late 20's and I've been wanting to use less makeup (even though I love makeup). I'm not sure why, but I think since we're approaching summer, I just want less stuff on my face. Also, I'm never without blemishes and they always appear in the same spots. So, hopefully, these stuff, especially the COSRX stuff are worth the hype. I'm going to attempt a review on this, probably after 2 weeks of using it.

Have you tried anything from this range? There are other interesting Korean products included in their Kbeauty shelf. Let me know which ones you've tried.

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