The Brow Series: Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil, Easy Eyebrow Pencil, Color My Brows and ELF Treat and Tame

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So here's the last of the brow series for now. :)  In the past month I've wrote the following posts:
Today, I'm writing about the Etude House Easy Brow Pencil, Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil, Etude House Color My Brows Tint, and the ELF Eyebrow Treat and Tame.  So, its going to be quite a long post. :)

Let's start with the pencils, which are both from Etude House.  Well, I don't know why I just gravitate towards Etude House products, but I do.  Lol.  The main difference of the Easy Brow Pencil (Php 128) and the Drawing Eye Brow Pencil (Php 148) is that the Drawing one is refillable and retractable.  I'm not entirely sure but I think the refill is priced around Php 70.  Both have spoolies on the other end, though they're not entirely the same in design.  

The Easy Brow Pencil is your typical pencil that you'd need to sharpen.  Like other brow products, the product does not really swatch well on the back of your hand, but works fine when used on the brows because of the oil we naturally have in the brow part (I know I read this somewhere, hihi).  I'm not entirely sure of the shade my sister has (this is my sister's by the way, which I tried out), but I'm pretty sure it's one of the regular brown ones.  Its easy to use and the spoolie that comes with it easily blurs any mistakes you make.  The bristles are only on one side compared to the typical spoolie that has bristles all around.  When you touch it, you wouldn't think much of it, but when you use it, it does work better than the regular spoolie.  The downside is you just have to sharpen it. 

The Drawing Eye Brow Pencil, although a little bit more expensive, can actually be refilled.  Let me tell you now though, the refill is hard to find!  I don't know if they're really out of stock or the sales ladies are trained to say that its out of stock so you have to buy either another of this or the pencil version.  Unfortunately, I don't have photos of swatches of this because it ran out and I couldn't get any on the back of my hand anymore.  You'd see though in the MakeupAlley website that the rating for this product is 4.7/5, which is pretty high.  A lot of reviews online have positive feedback about this product as well.

 Another difference between the pencil and this retractable one is the tip.  The tip of the Drawing brows is more marker like.  So you can opt to cover more in one swipe or go thinner, depending on the angle you hold it.  Because its a little bit more angled, it maintains its sharpness.  This definitely contains less product, but I think you'd use less given how its made.  

So, above is a photo of the Drawing Eye Brow pencil with the Color My Brows brow tint.  I'd have to say that I'd prefer the retractable pencil (Drawing) compared to the traditional pencil (Easy), but I don't mind the traditional pencil. :)

Onto the Color My Brows brow tint (Php 378), which I believe I've been talking about since the first post.  This is in the shade # 4, Natural Brown.  Let me tell you, this is probably where the brow obsession began.  Like I said in my first brow post, I was looking for something to match my brows with my hair and this is what I found.  The price didn't seem to bother me much until I finished the tube in like a month or two the first time around.  You'd notice that the spoolie/ wand gets thinner towards the tip compared to the MAC one.  This might be one of the reasons why I wasn't able to reach all the product and thought it was finished.  Apparently, you just have to really swirl it around.  The MAC has a clear tube so you'd be able to see how much product you actually have left.

The color does not have any glitter too unlike the MAC.  They're comparable in shade though but the Etude one is probably closer to the shade of my liking.  And I must say, if not for the price, I'd prefer this over the MAC one mainly because of the shade and the "non-glitterness" of it.

The photos above have me using the Color My Brows.  I've repurchased and repurchased this until I found myself wanting an alternative.  Then, I tried the ELF Eyebrow Treat and Tame which I believe was Php 249.  What a high mark-up for a 3 dollar product.  The thing about this is that it has two ends, one being the color and one being some sort of treatment for hair re-growth.  I don't have much of a problem though with hair growth so I haven't actually used that side.  The shade, although I'm not so sure again of what it is exactly, is a good match as well. It does not have glitters too, but I really don't like the brush that it comes with.  I don't think it was given much thought.  If you're in a rush and apply it, you might get the product out of the brows and would have to clean it up.  The tip of the wand is also quite sharp because of the metal base that holds the bristles.

Here are swatches of the Etude House Color My Brows and the ELF Tame and Treat side by side. 

Below is a photo of me using ELF on one brow and Etude on the other brow.

As you can see, the Etude one is lighter and matches the lighter part of my hair more.  The darker part of my hair matches the ELF one better.  But if one's not so particular, they might not even notice the difference.  

And the post ends here.  Whew!  Thanks for reading!  I hope this helped you in your makeup buying decisions. :)

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