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Admittedly, I first knew about Happy Skin through Kris TV, Kris Aquino's local television show that focuses on lifestyle.  One day last year, I believe during the Christmas season, she featured some shops online and offline that sold products that could make great gifts.  One of them was Happy Skin, a local cosmetics company.  The brand caught up quite fast due to its great packaging and the value you get.

The makeup junkie in me tried to restrain upon seeing a counter of Happy Skin in the only Plains and Prints shop in Baguio.  I purchased a tube of the Eye Need a Miracle concealer (PhP 699) as I needed concealer that time.  See what they did there!  The brand does a lot of puns, which definitely helps with their marketing.  They have a Benefit feel to them, actually.  The concealer, though, comes in only one shade which is Butter.  I think its a good match for my under eyes as I tend to go for a lighter concealer for that area.  It doesn't do much for my eye bags, which I don't think will ever go away (sad...), but it does brighten up the area in an instant.  If you're my shade or lighter, you might appreciate this.  Check out my photos below to see me wearing this.  Note: I do have baggy bags; double eye bags I even say.

Butter 01

That time also, my makeup artist friend, Krizia, raved about the Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies.  As tempted as I was, I didn't go for it until this year when Happy Skin released a set of three lippies for Summer 2014.  They called it the Turn Up The Heat Limited Edition Summer Collection (Box of 3) (PhP 1,249), which I mentioned in my previous blog post.  Right of the bat, I liked the lippies, especially The Morning After.

The Morning After, as you could easily predict, is a gorgeous my-lips-but-better shade.  Though, it's a bit mauve-ish and less pink, which makes me feel quite polished and sofisticated when I have it on.  I have a feeling it's meant to copy that tint on your lips the morning after you've had a fairly dark lipstick the night before.  This is definitely my fave of the three.

The Morning After
Summer Crush is a bright pink that has more yellow than blue tones.  It brightens up the face, but like some pink and red lippies it may make your teeth appear more yellow.  The same goes with Sunset Kiss, which is a bright orange.  I've been on the search for an orange that would suit me.  This is a great orange, but if applied heavily, and in daylight, may appear more red than orange.

Summer Crush
Sunset Kiss
Please excuse the fuzziness on my upper lip.  Hahahaha.

Even before reading several blog posts on this product, I was pretty sold on buying the trio because of it's potential to mix and make new shades.  Apparently, Happy Skin did give out the idea and even named the shades the lippies would come up with.  So, it's like you're buying more than three lippies here.  You can buy them individually though for Php 549.

L-R: The Morning After, Summer Crush, Sunset Kiss
The consistency of the lippies are buttery and easy to blend.  And it being in a chubby stick form makes it easier to apply, though, I just don't know for the darker shades when the tip would get blunt. I must restrain myself from buying more.

Along with the lippies, I purchased the Eye Am Here To Stay 24-hour Gel Pencil Eyeliner (Php 499) in Brown.  Eyeliners for me are hit and miss.  I haven't tried much, but there are just a few that I like; some are fine (it's ok, but I'd still search for something better) and some I would use once and never again.  I do like the formula of the pencil, it's hard to budge even if you've run water over it and did a little rub.  It does stay true to its claim that it stays on for 24 hours.  I find it similar in consistency with the Urban Decay liners, because they're really soft and they don't tug on your eyelids.  Though, I wish the shade were a bit darker and that it did not have glitters in it, which I oddly only noticed upon writing this blog post.  I didn't notice if the black and the mint green one, which are the other shades, had glitter as well.  The pencil is retractable and comes with a sharpener at the other end.  It's pretty long too, which is promising in terms of the amount of the product.  Check out the previous photos of me to see this liner in action.  I applied it on the top and bottom, along the lash line.

Prior to this eyeliner purchase, I bought the Eye Am Here To Stay 24-hour Waterproof Liquid Eyeleiner (Php 499).  They only make this in black though.  Its definitely like a marker or a felt tip pen, which makes it easier for beginners.  My first few weeks of using this made me quite happy about my eyeliner game as it didn't budge and could be built up depending on the thickness you want.  So, I do and would recommend this.  Its unfortunate though that I happened to hit the cap of it right on the tip of then pen, which eventually made the pencil stubby.  Hence, the thick swatches I have prepared for you.  Also, this is probably the faster liner that dried up for me.  Maybe the accident has something to do with that.  I don't remember a photo of mine where I have this on, so I can't show you how it looks on the eyes.

My largest splurge yet is Happy Skin's brush set.  I actually purchased two of this already.  One for my sister and one for me.  I gave her this as a graduation gift.  Eventually, I kept borrowing it whenever I had to go from Baguio to Manila and my other out of town trips.  So, I decided to get one for myself.

Honestly, what drew me to this was the bag/pouch, because it is for me the perfect size for a travel make-up bag.  You have the brush holders on one side, which hold 8 brushes, and the make-up case on one with a mesh enclosure which makes it easier for you to see what you're grabbing.  It's a zip case and it's in a bright blue material that's easy to wipe.  As for the brushes, they're not bad as well.  The brushes are white and the handles are clear which is quite interesting, but are not as "luxe" as black brushes are.  The brushes are good quality and are softer than some brushes I've tried.  I haven't tried much though.  If you've tried the Body Shop brushes, the Body Shop ones are still softer.  When I need a smaller size brush, but I'd use a smaller pouch, I just take out some of these brushes, especially the face brush.

Below is a photo of the brush kit, next to a roll of tissue.  Lol.  Just so you know how big it is on the side. :)

Well, I hope this post was helpful to you guys.

Thank you! :)



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