Etude House Secret Brush 121 Skin

12:09 AM Florence Sison 0 Comments

If you've dropped by Etude House, you might have seen this weird looking face brush they've got. It's called the My Beauty Tool Secret Brush121 Skin.

I don't know how, but my eyes seem to have been trained to spot new things in the mall. But, this particular collection of new brushes in Etude House is not quite hard to see. They seem to have revamped or released newer versions of brushes. The Secret Brush 121 caught my eye the most because it was quite unique.

I actually thought it was the first of its kind, but a few days later, I saw some videos on Youtube reviewing a similar MAC brush, the Oval 6 Brush, part of the Masterclass brush collection. Apparently, there are respective versions for other brushes like the eyeshadow and eyeliner brush.

I don't quite remember if this is around the Php 800 mark or the Php 1,200 mark, but if you check the website, you'd see it's $16.20. It's definitely cheaper than the MAC one.

The head of the brush, which I'm going to say - looks like a toothbrush, is actually interchangeable with a sponge end, but after months of having this, I've never gravitated towards it. Not entirely sure how I'd use it since it's quite small and the text on the box is in Korean. I used it though for dabbing out excess foundation or concealer; I think that's what it said in the instructions in the box. It's quite hard to use the sponge for foundation application since it's so small.

The star of the show though is the brush head. I'm not sure what explains the sort of sideways design to this, but it actually works. It could be how tapered, packed, and dense it is, but I find that it helps give my foundation a more natural and even finish. It really helps too that the bristles are so soft! If I get the courage, I'll try to post a video.

Though I like how it works and the results, I don't think it's an exact replacement of a good stippling brush or a good foundation brush. Just recently, I used my Real Techniques Buffing brush again and was reminded of how good that brush is also. And I'm sure there are other brushes too that do the job great. The Secret Brush121 is also quite small, so it takes longer to get the job done. Those who only use foundation on certain parts would appreciate this though.

A perk of having the removable brush head is that it's easier to clean. Also, a tip if you decide to go for this brush - it works best when clean, so I try to clean it after two week's use.

Let me know if you've tried this brush already. What are your thoughts?

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