What to Buy from Watsons under Php 200

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Ever had one of those days when you have a little extra cash and feel a little bit spend-y? #feelingspendy Well, the next time you're in Watsons, you might want to check these out.

1. A Bonne Spa Milk Salt (Php 140)

I first heard about this from Project Vanity. If you're into exfoliating in the shower or do-it-yourself foot scrubs, then this will surprise you on how much product you could get for the price. I'm happy to say that it actually leaves the skin really soft and supple after. As to the whitening feature of it, I can't really tell cause I don't use it regularly. But Ms. Liz says her knees got noticeably lighter.  

2. Marionnaud N'38 Slanted Eyeline & Eyebrows Double Side Brush (Php 89.75)

This below-100-pesos item is a staple in my current set of makeup tools. The brush end is a pretty convenient size, while the spoolie is firm yet soft enough. The "premium" version of this (with a matte ala NARS and sleeker look) is not that expensive as well at around Php 120! I went for the smaller one though since the premium version is a little longer.

Most importantly, it does the job really well! I use the brush end mostly for brow powder, but sometimes, when I can't find my (quite small) eyeliner brush, I go ahead and use this for my gel eyeliner. On the photo, the spoolie is slightly bent though. 

3. Pond's Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel (Php 149)

I first tried this when I had a massage at The Spa. They had it in a sachet. I got intrigued because it had a gel consistency. I wondered how moisturizing it would be. I found it moisturizing enough, but I didn't actually buy it right away. After finishing a certain product and feeling that my long-time moisturizer (Clinique) was feeling a bit heavy, I tried the smaller tub of it. The smaller product, which might be a little expensive for its size, is actually a good travel-size. 

Now, I use it usually during the mornings. I love the gel consistency, but I'd still reach for my long-time concealer if I feel my skin needs a little more love.

4. Kleenex Oil Blotting Sheets (around Php 120/130)

I was in high school when those blue oil blotting sheets (the Clean and Clear ones) grew popular. Girls began to whip them out wherever they were and would gasp each time because of how oily they've gotten. Guys would join in the fun too. 

I didn't actually go see the need for blotting sheets until I started working.  I didn't go for the Clear and Clear ones though. I decided to try the Kleenex ones, because Kleenex is a pretty good tissue brand. I figured, they might be great in the oil-blotting department too. After getting over how expensive this was, I still decided to just go ahead and try it. I haven't tried anything else ever since. Some of my friends have converted as well. I could say I prefer this over the Clean and Clear ones cause the oil doesn't seep through the other side as much as the Clean and Clear ones. So, it doesn't make the sheet that thin and flimsy. Plus, it comes in purple. 

5. Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in Creamy Cinnamon (Php 199)

This may look like a boring shade, but I love it. It's my go-to for when I want something more natural and when I don't want to do a pink blush. I think this shade will be great for all skin shades too. There are other shades in the range and it actually might look scary, but I assume they're as great as Creamy Cinnamon.

The product seems small, but I think it's just cause it's not in some bulky packaging. 

So there we go. A few products that could make you a bit happier this week. :) 

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