Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser for Face and Eyes Review

6:29 PM Florence Sison 2 Comments

philosophy: purity is natural.  we come into this
world with all the right instincts.  we are innocent
and perceive things as they should be, rather than
how they are.  our conscience is clear, our hands
are clean and the world at large is truly beautiful.

Honestly, this is the first time I've read the whole thing completely.  Yes, I do wash my face with this every night or so and I did sort of read it when I bought it, but its truly the first time I've read the fine text.
Prior to this cleanser, I used the Pond's Deep Cleansing Facial Foam with the activated carbon as the special ingredient.  Now I'm really fine with it.  It does, for me, what a cleanser should do and at a good price too.  But, knowing that there are other cleansers to try, I just had to pass on repurchasing this when I finished my small tube of it.  

Though I have a few products on my mind for my next cleanser, I went ahead with a product I was really curious about from the start, the Purity Made Simple cleanser of Philosophy.  Philosophy, even when they were still in Beauty Bar here in the Philippines, gave me an impression of simplicity, straight-forwardness, and a touch of elegance, which was quite intimidating for a college student like me back then.  Now, Philosophy has its own kiosk at Greenbelt and I still felt the same way about it.  But, I'm not that intimidated anymore.  In fact, I gave the 90 ml bottle (Php 595) a try.  Quite pricey for a cleanser, and for that small amount, but this is the price of me wanting to try different products.  At least now I'd know if its a good buy or not.

I hope you don't get disappointed with me not posting any before and after photos, but I just didn't see much of a difference with my skin.  It was also a little bit too liquid, which makes it hard to have a hold of, especially when pouring the right amount.  When you open the cap, there's just your regular seal and when that's off, its basically open enough for the liquid to freely come out.  It has a similar consistency to Cetaphil.  So, imagine Cetaphil not having a smaller opening in its bottle cap.  Like Cetaphil, as well, it doesn't create a foam or bubble up.  Then we have the smell.  It has an "organic/natural" smell to it, which doesn't really bother me, but may bother other people quite sensitive about smell.

The great thing about this cleanser is that it doesn't leave your skin tight after washing it off, but you feel that it was cleansed well and that it really did melt off the makeup you had.  So, that's definitely a good thing.  I always get tempted to not put any moisturizer anymore after because I already feel moisturized after washing with this.  I'm not halfway through the small bottle so I'm still hoping to see some improvements with my skin in the coming months.

If I were asked if I would buy this again, I might say I won't just yet and try other cleansers first, but this will be on my list of relatively good cleansers (if I want to splurge) along with the Pond's cleanser and the Clinique liquid and / or bar soap mainly because of its moisturizing aspect.

I'm still pretty curious about the other Philosophy products though.  Any suggestions?  

I hope this helped you somehow. :)

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  1. Do you have a relatively big hand or the bottle is really small at such a hefty price tag?

    1. I wouldn't say its big. I think its a travel-sized bottle. As big as a regular medicine bottle. :) For me, its quite pricey for the amount.