September 2014 Purchases (Storage Pieces)

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We're almost halfway through October!  Last month hasn't been too exciting purchase-wise.  Most of those I've bought aren't actually make-up or skin care, but storage.  I've spoken about how I now live in Manila (previously, Baguio).  So, basically, I had to rearrange my make-up, leave some behind, throw some (expired ones) away, and fit them in a relatively smaller area.

The first item, I purchased online towards the end of August.  It arrived first week of September.  It was a Miss Bella PH Brush Holder with Lid in Small (Php 500).  The brushes, of course, did not come with the container but the beads did.  They also let you choose the color.  The beads help the brushes stay upright without necessarily hitting the sides of the container.

The main purpose of this purchase was to keep the dust from getting to the brushes.  I could say I'm happy with this buy.  I haven't seen other online shops selling these yet.  I stumbled upon their IG account and got to order from there.  Because I've added some smaller eye brushes, the container looks a little cramped, but I don't mind.  Getting a larger one would occupy too much space in our dresser.  The shape is well thought too.  If you really have a lot of brushes, they have a larger one, or you could just get two of this.

After I was at peace with my brushes, there was the dilemma of my makeup which I just kept in several pouches, which I had to open everytime I did my makeup.  Market! Market! is just a few walks away from where we stay, so my dad, sister and I headed for the Japanese store where they sell items for Php 88 or less.  True enough, we bought our acrylic containers/organizers, and other things, there.  

Sorry if I didn't bother to remove the makeup inside, but I wanted also to show you how much stuff these containers could fit.  Also, I was going for stackable containers, so here they are.  The first two are the bottom containers which are deep enough to stack palettes, blushes, and what not, but are not deep enough to hold lipsticks in their upright position.  The one to the left is Php 66 and the square one on the right is Php 88.

The top layer, which perfectly sits on top of the two earlier mentioned containers, is shallow and covers the whole area of the two containers underneath.  There's a divider in between, which is what I use to lift up that layer if I need something from the bottom layer.  Here I just store some pieces that I use frequently.  I have another of this where I store my eyeliners.

I have two sets of the three containers and they have worked really well for me.  In case you're wondering, I also bought a separate case for my lipsticks earlier.

Let's head on to my actual makeup purchase.  Because I wanted to hold back on spending, I limited myself to one makeup item purchase.  I don't know though if you'll consider this a one item thing.  Lol.

So, my sister and I were invited to an event that featured a short day to night demo by Inglot Philippines.  Thank you Ate Katrina!  They gave an introduction of the brand.  Then, the demo was conducted by a regular makeup artist they have in their Glorietta branch and Ms. Irene Sy Go.  I'm sorry I didn't get the name of the other guy.

During the event, they offered a 10% discount.  I couldn't resist.  I've been wanting to try the brand for a while now.  They're known for their Freedom System Palette, which allows you to purchase a magnetic palette, which would hold any makeup item of your liking.  I'm not so sure of the sizes of the palettes, but I got the one with two slots (Php 495) as my first Inglot palette.  Once I use up my blushes, eyeshadows, and lipsticks, I'll definitely pick up a bigger palette from Inglot with new goodies in them.  Its really pretty seeing it all stacked up!  Very neat and sleek.

To put in the palette, I got a Freedom System Square Cream Concealer in LW700 (Php 375) and a Freedom System Square Lipstick in 65 (Php 375).  I know I'm going to be running low on concealer sometime soon, so instead of indulging myself with a lip color or eyeshadow, I chose to get a concealer.  My other purchase was a deep berry colored lipstick, which my sister really liked.  I don't have a color like this so why not.  Also, I didn't want to mix a cream with a powder.  For now, the two would do.  Its such a cute size!

Like I said, you could view this as one item rather than three.  I know I was cheating no myself a bit but I'll just buy less this month I guess (hopefully.. gotta save up).  I hope I'm right with the prices.  I'm missing the receipt.

I hope this helps you with you with your purchases in the coming months.  Christmas is getting closer and I'm so excited! :)

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