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Long time no post, but here's to 2017 and what's to come. I'll get right to it.

Last year has been a year of consuming and purging. I made a goal to buy less and finish first what I had before running off and buying the latest makeup item. I also wanted to have less things in general, which made me do some purging, selling, and giving.  While some have been thrown out already, I managed to save some empties for this post. I'll be giving brief reviews of each too.


I mentioned this makeup remover in this post. It's pretty much the first micellar water I've tried. Up to this day, it's still one of my favorites. Too bad, they don't stock it often in Watsons.


My sister and I bought these wipes while we were in the States. The scent is great and the texture is not as rough as other wipes. I'm not much of a wipes fan though so I don't think I'll repurchase often, but I guess it's still pretty convenient to have them around for traveling.


I think it took me a year to finish this bottle. It's the biggest one they have that you could actually refill. The pump is also super convenient; you don't need to lift the bottle to dispose product on a cotton pad. What's more important is that the product actually worked well on me. I didn't really notice a difference when I was using it, but I did notice that my skin wasn't in its normal state when I ran out of the product and had to skip toner or use another toner. So, it's probable that I'd repurchase this if I don't get too experimental on my toner. I'm using Clinique now. I'll let you know about it on another post.


This was a toner I used alternately with the Etude House one and it's the first Lancome toner I've tried. It was given to me with a cream. Since it's more of a sample or a travel sized one, I used it more for travels and not daily. I didn't think it was particularly more special though than the Etude House one.


I bought this CC cream after seeing a few videos online by some international beauty vloggers and because I was scheduled to go to Cambodia that time. I decided not to go for heavy foundation on that trip cause I'd surely sweat it off anyway. The tube states that it's a pore minimizing CC cream with sunscreen, but it had only an SPF of 15. So, I didn't really use this as my only sunscreen. In fact, the cream sort of stung when I applied it on my nose, probably cause I rub my nose often. Regarding coverage, it did the job of having minimal coverage (as in barely there coverage), but I'm pretty sure there are other products out there that would do a better job. I guess it'd be good as a base.

I've already talked about this product in this post. I'm on my second tube now. It's pretty affordable too! 

My shade of this product is W3. I did a first impressions of this in this post. I can say now that I really like this. My sister likes this as well. It gives you a light and even coverage. I'm lucky to have guessed my shade at one go. I guess since it's not really a product targeted to Asians, it doesn't have that white or gray cast Asian cushions usually have. The only downside to this is that it runs out fast, especially if you use it daily (even after I've flipped the sponge). I wanted to repurchase this during our second trip to the States, but I wanted to try Asian cushions.


This product is affordable and had good reviews, so I tried it out and it was mentioned in this post. I'm not really keen on getting fairer, but I wanted a scrub that was straightforward and came in a tube. No matter how nice the packaging of a scrub is, if I end up leaving it in the shower, it's bound to be grimy and whatnot. I guess it does that job of exfoliating. I just don't do it often enough to see the whitening effects, I guess.

I hope this helped you. I actually have a lot more empties to share with you. So, keep checking. This year seems pretty promising for a lot of brands. I have a feeling I'll be leaning towards Asian brands this year.  

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