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The last time I wrote a favorites post was in 2015! I mentioned somewhere in this blog that I've been trying to buy less and use up my existing products. I threw out and gave some away already (those that I really can't see myself using). Since then, I've rediscovered some favorites, but I've added a few that I've acquired through trips. Here's what I've been loving recently.

I asked my mom to buy this when she was in the US, since it was more affordable there. I also checked out the shades they had in the Philippines and they didn't seem to have something yellow-based in the 2 counters I visited, which was funny since they should have more Asian-friendly shades with yellow bases. So, the shade that I have is not really available in the Philippines, but I'm guessing the ones they have are what were deemed to be suitable for Asia. I have the shade Golden Neutral (number 8).

I really want to do a separate review on this since I enjoy it a lot, especially when the shade matched me the most (after I went on a camping trip and got sunburnt). So, I won't spoil much of the goodness first, but see the photo below for the swatch.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation + concealer mixed with Son & Park's Glow Ring foundation 

I got to try this foundation after receiving it from a friend who came from Japan, although it's a Korean brand. What's different about this stick foundation is that it has skincare literally in its core, as you'll see in the photo below. I've been enjoying this product cause it's pretty easy and convenient. The other end of it is actually a brush!

The shade is actually pretty light on me, that's why I've been mixing the Clinique one with this. It definitely adds glow to the face. So, I've been using it more under the eye area to brighten up my skin. It feels really thin and light, but it does the job of touching up and adding coverage. I'd rely more on other foundations if I want something with more coverage.

I've had a few of Nyx's soft matte lip cream and they're the first brand I've tried with this kind of texture. Now, so many brands have similar products, but I somehow still enjoy Nyx's because I really agree that it gives a "soft matte" finish rather than a solid matte finish. They're easy to use, light on the lips, and they have a extensive range of colors to choose from. I also love the concept that they use cities to name the shades.

I guess I got influenced by the influx of nude / brown shades, which I didn't really have in my collection. I only had either pink, red, and nude. I was doing swatches in the Nyx counter when I saw this. I was contemplating whether to get Rome or Budapest. Nyx's website describes Rome to be medium nude with red undertone while Budapest was a deep mauve with red undertone. Since Budapest was a little darker, I went for Rome.


My aunt gave me this last year and I've been enjoying it since, like my lipsticks, I don't have a gloss in this shade. It has a sheen to it, but the shade is pretty natural. I use it over different shades of lipstick. It tones down the pinkness of some of my lipsticks, which is another reason why I've been enjoying it. I can use it on its own too. It's also very moisturizing.

I got this blush during one of our US trips and I've actually wrote about my first impression here. Still loving it.

Recently (since the later half of 2016), I have really been into Korean skincare and makeup. In efforts to make use of my existing collection of eyeshadows, I started watching videos on primers. I think it was Morgan of The Beauty Breakdown who talked about this. Since it was quite affordable, I gave it a go. The only eye primer I've tried was the Urban Decay one, when I got my Naked Palette in 2010. Yup. It still came in that potion-like bottle. It's actually super comparable, almost a dupe I guess. Check out the swatches with and without. Amazing!

I used a Clinique eyeshadow for this.

I can't seem to find this exact brush online, but it's a regular-sized eyeshadow brush, which I received from another aunt. I find myself reaching for this whenever I wear eyeshadow. It's not as travel friendly though since the handle is quite long. So far, there hasn't been any fall out on the brush even after washing it several times. The black and gold makes it look super sophisticated that I didn't even want to use it at first.

I sort of have this trend going where most of my favorites where given to me by friends and family. This is no exception. I'm really lucky. This was given to me by my friend who gave me the Son & Park stick foundation. Shiseido is actually quite pricey here in the Philippines, but apparently they have some products in the drugstore. The text in the box was in Japanese. I just knew that it was a lip balm of some sort. It has a similar consistency to Vaseline, but a little bit lighter on the lips and a little bit minty. The product comes out of an opening and you spread it around your lip with the smooth surface or take the product on your fingers and apply. I have a number of lip balms around the house and in several bags, so I can't really attest to how effective it is in healing dry and chapped lips, but this is the one I use before putting makeup and before sleeping.

I know it's another long post, but I just have a lot to say about these products (I've even held back writing more). I'm really excited about doing more of these and probably more empties posts. What have you been loving lately?

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