April, May, June 2015 Favorites

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Three exclamation points for the three months I've been away. So... given that I've missed a few months of blog posts, I have, once again, a long-ass blog post for you of my recent favorites.

First up is something I forgot to mention last March, Clickthenetwork.  It's a channel on Youtube,  that has a few segments like Life Hacks, That F Word, and my favorite - Tried and Tested. I love the host in that segment.  I haven't really gotten into tracking the schedule of their uploads, but they upload pretty constantly. They talk really about everything under the sun.  The Tried and Tested segment showcases mostly beauty products. The way that the host, Shu An, talks about the products, is what you'd really want to see when researching on some beauty products. She provides first impressions and demos. After, she rates the products and is not scared to rate it low if they don't really work for her.

Ok, onto the makeup products.  This one has been a long time favorite, but since it was really warm last May, I whipped this out a lot.  It's the Neutrogena MoistureShine LipSheers, which I only get from one of my aunts from the States. I can't seem to find it on their website though. It has a cooling effect that I really like and no overpowering scent. Its so sleek and is the perfect size for small bags and clutches or even your pocket.  Despite not being a full-sized lipstick, it's really pigmented on the lips, but not like a lipstick. It has more of a balmy finish with a little gloss.

Pink, No. 35
The next one is Etude House's Water Color Blusher in No. 1 Pink.  I guess I'm not the only one who likes this because it's rating in MakeupAlley is 5! It's consistency is not like a potted cream blush. You need just a little bit of it to spread over the apples of your cheeks or wherever you want to put your blush. The No. 1 shade, which is pink, is really a baby, sort of cool tone pink that quite flattering on fair skin. Like the lippie, this isn't also new. I just haven't used it in a while.

Here's a photo of me wearing both the lippie and the blush.

The other two makeup products are the Maybelline Fashion Brow Coloring Mascara in Dark Brown and the L'Oreal Super Liner - Ultra Sharp.  The brow product I bought because I happened to forget my whole bag in Manila for my trip to Baguio. -_- So, that included my makeup. I just had to buy some kind of brow product. Luckily, I found this one which has getting a lot of buzz anyway. Also, it was a hundred pesos off that time!  I might write a more in depth review of this soon, so I explain much here as I have a few more products to talk about.  One interesting thing about this is the wand.  

Similarly, L'Oreal had a promo as well that time. If you frequent the department stores or drugstores, you must have noticed these sales back in May. I was missing my already drying out Maybelline liner that I've talked about here.  The L'Oreal one works just as well, but is even sharper and thinner. 

Now I also have a nail polish favorite, the Essence Colour and Go in Fame Fatal. This is a first, I believe. Again, I got this around the time there was a sale again. I think I just got Php 20 off of this and ended up paying Php 100, which is quite an average priced nail polish. There are definitely cheaper ones in the market, but I wanted a cherry red kind of color. I can say that the formula is a bit better than the Faceshop polishes. And the brush is a little bit better to work with also. I'm excited to try other colors too.

A non-beauty favorite is the Triangle Purse by Shop Katre.  It hols all my necessary keys plus a USB, except for my car key. :) I thought this was the perfect key holder purse thing because you can opt to use it to hold coins as well. I love how sleek it looks.

So, there we go! I'll be back for more. :)

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