Makeup I Loved in 2014

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Hello!  Welcome to my year-end round up of makeup I loved in 2014!  Its not a lot (I think), and you might even be familiar with some of these if you've been visiting my blog, but these are the products I really enjoyed this year.

This is going to be fairly short since you already know I like these.  I'm probably just going to highlight why I like the products.  Let's start with the two eye products:

1.  Etude House Play 101 Pencil (Php 328).  Surprise, surprise!  I have four of these pencils now and I'm itching to get more.  I spoke about them here and here, both monthly purchase posts.  Its such an easy product that you could build up, especially for the eyes.  If my  posts are not enough, then check this video:

2.  Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner.  This is definitely a super precise liner that you could use for everyday or for events.  Its pretty affordable (will not exceed Php 500 pesos) too and readily available.  

Moving on to the face products...

3.  Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette.  This extremely pretty palette is not just pretty on the pan, it actually works really well on the face.  I'm not sure where you could get this in the Philippines just yet though.  Leave it to our online sellers to bring it to our shores the soonest.  I'm yet to write a review on this. :)

4.  The Balm Mary - Lou Manizer.  This year I was really into the whole glowy, dewy look.  My weapon of choice was this highlighter which I talked about briefly here.  I have yet to document more looks with this!

Now on to everyone's favorite, lipstick!

5.  MAC Ruby Woo (Php 1,000).  This lipstick really looks new on the photo because it is new.  Somehow, my first one got lost, misplaced, or I don't know - stolen?  Anyhow, I just went ahead and bought a new one cause its the best red lipstick I had so far.

6.  Revlon Pink In The Afternoon.  I bought this when Revlon had a buy-one-take-one promo and I was #feelingspendy.  I regret getting some of the bullets, but I really enjoyed this one.  Its the lipstick I go for when I want to feel polished and fresh but not overdone. 

7.  Happy Skin The Morning After (Php 1,249 in a box of 3).  Here's a local one!  And I'm really happy of this brand's success in general in just a short amount of time.  The print is slowly blurring off, but I still love it.  The shade is a bit more brown than Revlon's Pink In the Afternoon and I talk more about it here

8.  Last but not the least is the Happy Skin's Brush Set (Php 2,499), which I talked about here.  

As much as I like trying out new things, I really tend to stick with those that really work for me.  

I'm looking forward to new discoveries, more posts, and a colorful 2015. :)

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