August 2014 Purchases & Mini Reviews

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August was quite a long month for me.  I was in transition mode from being a working girl to student once again.  To top that, I moved cities by the end of the month.  But, as usual, this has not stopped me from trying out new products.  I must resist next time, I really must.  Somehow, I have justifications for these purchases!

It started out with me wanting to find a sort of serum or primer for the lashes in attempt to have healthier lashes.  I apply mascara almost everyday and I started feeling bad for them.  There weren't much options when it came to brands.  Etude House was actually the only one that had an option.

Etude House Dr. Lash Ampule (link is an Amazon link because I can't seem to find a search bar in the Etude website, but there are a lot of reviews) (Php 998).  I have been using this for almost three weeks now.  I'll probably come up with a post about the progress of my lashes.  It comes with a "ruler" that would allow you to trace the growth.

Etude House Play 101 Pencils in #35 (navy blue with sparkles, link is also from Amazon) (Php 348).  The same day I went for the Dr. Lash Ampule, I saw, for the first time, the Play 101 Pencil, which I found to be ah-mazing!  I've been wanting a navy blue liner for a while now, which is why this is the first color I went for.  I didn't buy it the same day as the Dr. Lash Ampule.  I wanted to see if it was going to smudge, and it didn't.  I'll probably also make a review on this, once I've acquired a few more. :)

I don't remember in which channel I saw the commercial of SM Aura's sale last weekend, but I had to check it out.  And this is what I ended up with.

Le Couvent des Minimes Gardener's Hand Healer (Php 729, Php 364.50 after the 50% discount)  .  So, that's a mouthful for a name; isn't it?  Well, I don't mind cause the product is great.  Le Couvent des Minimes was actually created by L'Occitane, which I'm more familiar with.  So far, I've only tried their hand creams but I also like one of their fragrances which my mom uses.  When the lady at the brand's counter mentioned this, I went for the 75 ml. instead of 25 ml. I initially intended to go for.  The cream does not have any fragrance to it, but there is some sort of herbal or medicinal scent.  Well, its called Gardener's Hand Healer; so, I didn't really expect anything fancy.  The lady said that they're pulling out from Aura by December so they'll be half price until then, but they would still be carried by Rustan's I think.

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara (Php 459, Php 390.15 after the 15% discount).  This is my second or maybe third tube of this stuff.  I love it.  My current mascara is starting to dry and I'm losing patience with Maybelline's The Rocket Mascara, so I thought why not take advantage of the 15% discount.

And last but not the least, I finally got my hands on one of the cult Jenny brushes from Landmark!

The one I picked up was a dense angled brush, which I'm hoping would compare to the Real Techniques Crease brush in the name of the JENNY Professional SK 03 (Php 169.75).  But I haven't tried that yet actually.  I just see a lot of Youtubers use it for concealer and, of course, for the crease.

Can you read the product "characteristios"?  It says "Make the face layer of your eyes clear, have magic power more, the eye department magic power starts from the JENNY."  What sorcery is this?
 Lol.  I have yet to wash the brush.

I can't seem to find a website for these brushes.  I hope its as good as the reviews say so, cause they're definitely more affordable than most brushes.

I hope everyone had a good August.  I hope this helped in your make-up buying decisions. :)

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