The First Three Steps for Makeup Beginners

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Hi there!

To anyone building their make-up kit, you can do it!  Lol.  This is in relation to my recent post where I helped out my sister buy a few items for her makeup kit.  These simple steps would probably be best:

  1. Don't buy anything just yet!  Have a look see first in the department store or the makeup shops.  See what catches your attention and take note of them on your phone.  You can ask the sales ladies if you could take photos.  These days they'd even like it when you do, right?  Know what you have and what you need.  Try knowing what you'd use everyday.
  2. As soon as you go home, read the reviews.  With everyone on the internet, there's bound to be a review of that product that caught your attention.  There are actually a lot of beauty blogs out there.  You'd be surprised at how reviews could go really well for a product or really bad.  It may not mean that a product is good for you if it's good for one person.  She might have a different skin type from you, different preference from you, and other factors.  Personally, the blogs I check out most are local because they know how it is here in the Philippines.  The international blogs would show you though of what's coming.  Better yet, ask your friends!  They might have tried the product or might let you try it out.  
  3. Buy what you set out for.  Sometimes, because of you reading a few reviews, you'd eventually know of other products you'd like to try out.  You'd find your browser full of tabs on different reviews, different products.  Personally, I would save some blog posts / reviews on Evernote for faster reference.  You'd never know when you'd want to get back to them.  If something's limited edition, then you might give it a thought.  But, buy those you planned to buy first.  Check your budget.  
To those who have some sort of addiction with make-up, you are not alone!  :)  I'm proud to say though that I'm making progress limiting my purchases and revisiting old purchases, especially now that I'm posting more frequently.  

Next post would be about my go-to blogs for product reviews and favorite "beauty gurus" on Youtube.

I know the steps are simple but they're tips I wish I knew then.  It would save you money and time.  Also, it would save you from extreme disappointment. :) 

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