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As I promised in my last post, this post would be about my favorite beauty blogs and channels.  I don't really know how this obsession with makeup all started but I don't think I can get enough of watching these beauty vloggers/gurus on Youtube.  I must have said this somewhere, but Youtube is my go-to entertainment in the morning while eating breakfast.  So, let's get into it. :)

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Top of the list would probably be Vivianna Does Makeup.  I love her!  Isn't she pretty?  I really enjoy her weekly vlogs on top of her usual makeup reviews.  Her editing is not gimmicky and not over the top, but it isn't boring.  She's easy to relate to (well, at least for me), has a great and adorable personality, and seems to have a life that isn't extravagant but is interesting enough for you to wanna be her even for just a day.  Hihi.  Think date nights, shopping, and walking down the streets of U.K.  I'm not too stalker-ish yet to know where she's based in U.K. exactly.  I think she does what she does well and has definitely inspired this blog.   She's very organized and really speaks well.  She has a really good blog too, also Vivianna Does Makeup, which won this year's Bloglovin's best beauty blog.  Makeup-wise, she mixes things up with high-end and "drugstore" products.  I don't know about you but the "drugstore" products they pertain to are actually quite pricey here and are sold in the department stores.  Lol.  Ok, I should stop with Vivianna or else this would be an article about her.

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I think we would usually favor those who we think are close to our looks, personality, and preference.  And I think that's true.  My friends can relate to my Youtube obsession and we've even sort of matched who would be who if we were beauty gurus.  They said, and I think this is quite true, I'd be Jen from From Head to Toe.  One obvious reason is that she's petite and Asian.  If you have chinky (or what they'd call monolid) eyes, then check her channel out.  Because of our similarities, I'd be so encouraged to try out her favorites.  She's really bright and bubbly and has recently been posting more fashion videos.  I believe I got into her channel through her blog From Head to Toe.  She really has good photos, especially for swatches.

Photo from Essiebutton FB page
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Another vlogger I really enjoy is Estee of Essie Button.  This girl is super funny and adorable at the same time!  She's Canadian but is based now in London.  How cool is that?  I believe the three ladies - Anna, Jen, and Estee, are full time Youtubers (as they say) and bloggers.  Estee also does a lot of vlogs and is not afraid to express how she really feels about a product.  She doesn't mind being goofy and candid.  I like her humor, which is present in all her videos.  Makeup-wise, she's really simple and natural.  She knows what's best for her.  Her blog is extremely cute as well.

Those are probably my top 3 channels.  But there are also others I enjoy like AmeliaLiana, also a funny girl.  There's Jenn of clothesencounters who's more of a fashion girl.  Judy of  itsjudytime does really comprehensive and comparative reviews that are really helpful.  There are tons of others, but beware!  It is addicting.

Now we talk about the classic blogs.  Well the beauty gurus on Youtube have their respective blogs and all.  But I really like reading local ones, because 1) they'd list down the price of the product most of the time, 2) they talk about products you could actually buy and are present in the Philippines, and 3) they know how challenging it is to wear makeup in humid Manila.  Here are my top picks:

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Projectvanity.  Something that really matters in a blog are the photos and Ms. Liz does them well.  Her blog is laid out nicely and her writing is really easy to read.  Its as if she's talking right in front of you.  I highly regard her ratings on products, cause when she says a product is good, it really is good.  And because I was writing this, I spent a good 30 minutes catching up on my reading of her blog.  

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Askmewhats.  Ms. Nikki probably has a review on every product I can think of.  Lol.  But really, I'm impressed at how consistent she is with her posts.  Her product reviews follow a pattern that I really like.  She talks about how the company describes the product, its claims, and others.  Then, she states her pros and cons and the ultimate question of whether she's going to repurchase it.

Actually, that's pretty much it for the blogs I regularly follow.  I rely heavily on Youtube for news and reviews cause its so much easier to just listen while doing other things like eating and cleaning.  My friends and I often give each other suggestions on who else we could watch.  When we get together, we talk non-stop about what we've watched.

Which blogs and/or channels do you enjoy?  I'd be glad to hear recommendations!


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