My Most Repurchased Makeup Product

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I have one product that I've repurchased a few times already.  I think I've bought five tubes of it already.  It's one of my first makeup products, going back high school.  And this time of the year, its usually on sale at Php 395 from Php 795 or its bundled with another makeup product of their's.

It's the Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain.  I remember it was called a "tint" rather than a "stain" and I used to have such a hard time saying it.  The first time I bought this, it was even in their old rough / frosted looking plastic that was quite plain looking, but actually looked more generous.  The formula has remained the same though and I really enjoy it to the point where it looks really beat up.

If you're after that "I-just-got-pinched" look or that "blushing-because-you're-embarrassed" look, then this could be your go-to product.  Its really easy to apply, either with a brush or fingers.  It will stain your fingers as well though.  This is probably comparable to some of Benefit's tints, but this comes with a doe foot applicator compared to Benefit's nail polish-like brush.

Basically, if you apply this on your cheeks, you just need to dot the apples of your cheeks.  Then, you blend with either your fingers or a brush.  Here's how your fingers would look like after though.

I usually use my fingers as its the fastest way.  A tip though is to not rub it in and strategically dot it then pat and leave to dry.  If you rub it all away the color would be a little faint.  Same goes if you apply it on the lips.  What I do is, I'll add one layer, let it dry, then add another for that pink "just-bitten" look.

I like this product for the following reasons:

1.  The tube lasts me almost a year!  So if you do get it at their sale price, which pops out often enough, its a steal!
2.  It gives you the most natural look, as if you didn't put anything, but you're really just blushing.
3.  You could easily top it off with liquid, cream, or powder highlighter.  I love doing this!

I'll be honest.  This post is pretty delayed, but in case some of you are still thinking of last minute gifts this Christmas, then the cheek and lip tint is a great idea! 

Enjoy the holidays! :)

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