2015 - Ready!

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Here comes that time of the year when we're supposed to reflect and review the year that has just ended.  2014 had its highlights and this post would be quite long if I listed them all down.  Rather, I'd like to focus on 2015, the year ahead.

I'm really happy that planners, journals, and notebooks still exist even if they could easily be replaced by tabs and whatnot.  For 2015, I chose The Daykeeper Datebook.  This is their 2nd year producing a planner.  I was too late to order one last year so I made sure I was early this year.  This year, I really want to absorb everything that will happen to me and be in the moment, rather than moving from one event to another so quickly.

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You could see its really pretty and has a lot of photos, which is a dilemma for me.  I don't want to ruin it!  I love though how there's one page that's just for the "things that made me smile today".

Just in case I end up getting the urge to just wreck my planner with my oh-so-lovely (sarcastic tone right here) writing, I drank enough coffee to get the lavender "The Giving Journal" of Coffee Bean.  There's just this irreplaceable satisfaction that you get from crossing out tasks from your to-do list.

I wish everyone the best for 2015! :)  Remember, resolutions don't have to start in the beginning of the year.

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