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Here's a little back story for you guys.  My father worked in Saudi Arabia and we were fortunate enough to be with him there for some time.  That time, there wasn't really much to do because of all the constraints.  A lot of my childhood was (I feel) spent in malls.  I didn't feel like I was missing out though.  I loved it!  The sales were really great!

When our family came back to the Philippines, I really felt bad because the sales here weren't as appealing.  So, years passed and I accepted that our dear country might not pick up on the shopping goodness.  But the sales last December and this January really impressed me.  Maybe its because I haven't recently stayed in Manila during December and January.  Maybe its the influx of a lot of international brands and new malls.  Nonetheless, I was very pleased.

This sale season, I actually held back on my makeup purchases as I intend to use up my current ones and keep it fairly simple from now on.  Well, you know how this goes... I couldn't resist two purchases.  One is the L'Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Light-Infusing Foundation, which is probably the Asian version of the Lumi Magique range L'Oreal has.  Its original price was Php 859.  After the discount it was Php 429.50.

I don't really use foundation that often, so I only have one foundation (Revlon's Colorstay) and a BB cream (Ponds).  But prior to Revlon, I used L'Oreal True Match which I really enjoyed.  So, I was really interested in the Lucent one because it was half off!  Apparently, L'Oreal is making way for their Mat or Matte Magique line.  Also, I've heard good reviews of this foundation and I was seeking to find a better shade for me.


Ok, I might have highlighter on that left photo, but hey, the other photo shows how good it is without.  The main feature of this foundation is its ability to give you that "lit-from-within" look.  It actually does give you a sort of sheen.  Even after I've put powder on top, my face doesn't seem flat and dull.  I was really happy with the outcome; although some cons would be that I get a little bit oily mid day.  I'm not sure if its the weather or something I've been using.  The great thing is that the shade I got  matches my skin really well and it feels really light.

Its definitely more watery than Revlon Colorstay and L'Oreal True Match.  And a big advantage over something like the Colorstay is that it comes with a pump and a nice glass bottle.  Surprisingly, I've been using this almost everyday that I go out of the house.

The next On Sale! purchase was Pixi's Tinted Brilliance Balm, which is still pretty pricey at Php 632.  Its original price is Php 790.  I heard about this product from Estee, one of my favorite Youtube beauty girls.  I didn't actually know that the brand Pixi was present in the Philippines, until I entered a Common Thread branch.  I also see the brand in some Snoe Beauty kiosks around some malls.

The product seems like your standard lip crayon like those of Revlon and Clinique.  So, I just went for it.  I chose a shade that I knew I'd grab a lot, Radiant Rose.  Because I have a lot of lip products to begin with, I didn't use this right away.  So, I haven't tested it that much, but I don't find anything bad about it, which is good.  I would say its a little bit more sheer than the Revlon one (which I only swatched on the store but never bought), but you could build it up to your liking.  It has a menthol smell but it isn't as cold on the lips as other products I've tried that has menthol in them.

The photos below show me wearing both the foundation and the lip balm.  And, hey, there's my new look.  I finally tried full-on bangs!

I'm quite confident that these products will still be on sale until the end of the month.  So, try and check them out. :)

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