Love: The Body Shop Body Butters

6:19 AM Florence Sison 0 Comments

The Body Shop Butters are the bomb!

I think I've bought at least 10 of these already and I've used more than half. Let me explain why I love these soooo much.

First of all, they're on sale most of the time.  The best time to get it is probably around the April - May months or whenever they have that buy one get one promos or 50% off promos.  Normally, the regular variants are around Php 695, but sometimes they have limited edition ones that are a little bit more expensive. The limited edition ones are seasonal.  The green one on the photo is actually the Virgin Mojito variant, which came out last summer.  So, right now, they have some Christmas ones like the Glazed Apple one.  I would be happy to receive any of these any day of the year though. Lol.  I think it's this year when they came up with a bigger tub, which got me excited, but I realized that I've stocked up on so much of them already.

About the texture and consistency - it's a little bit rich and heavy, but it's great during the colder days or days when you'd be in an air-conditioned environment the whole day. Well, the better way to describe it is it's buttery. Lol.  Yup, I know, they ARE body butters.  The great thing is that it really keeps your skin moisturized the whole day.  I actually thought it would just be a regular cream with nothing special to it, but I really think these are the best products you can get from The Body Shop.

Favorites - now, if you get there, you might be all overwhelmed.  There are tons to choose from when it comes to scent. But most of my favorites are in the earlier photo.  If you know me, I go for the neutral smelling ones and less of the sweet ones.  The yellow / orange one is the Honeymania variant which has Community Fair Trade honey.  At first, I thought this was going to be sweet, but it wasn't at all.  The green one is the Virgin Mojito variant, a limited edition released last summer. It has a citrusy scent, but is a little bit sweet too.  The beige cover with the blue is the Wild Argan Oil variant. It has Community Fair Trade wild argan oil from Morocco, which makes it seem a little bit more luxurious.  The other beige one is the Shea body butter, which I believe is a best seller and has a nutty but neutral scent.  Another personal favorite is the Olive body butter.  This is a classic.  The scent might not be appreciated by some, but I do like it.

If you know The Body Shop, they maintain different product lines. So there's a whole line of Argain Oil products, from shower gels to actual oils.  And so with the other variants.

So, if you're last minute Christmas shopping or not, drop by the Body Shop and give these a try. :)    

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